Pleasant Procedures

A web application to help public administrators to digitalize analog procedures and create new ones in a easy an stadarized way

Our tool saves effort and time for adminsitrators, and smoothes citizens-goverment relationship.

Simplifying the goverment for you

A pleasant-to-use procedure builder

The Digital Wallet app, currently being developed by BOSA and iO Digital, can be described as a digital civil servant. It allows the citizen to interact with the goverment from the comfort of their house by filling in the procedures from their smartphone.

The goal for our team during OSOC22 was to deliver a proof-of-concept application that allows to create, edit and view these procedures. Additionally, through thorough research, we evaluated its conceptual and technical feasibility.

How it used to be...

Currently, a citizen wanting to handle an administrative issue, such as changing their residence address, reporting a theft or requesting a new ID card is expected to know which government organ to contact.

Additionally, in many cases, they need to physically present themselves at the relevant office multiple times.

How it can be...

With the help of our tool the citizen spends less time physically interacting with the government and can easily solve these issues from their smartphone. That leaves them feeling content and at ease.

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